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Adult Freaky Movie Vet “Lexington Steele” Names Top 3 Celeb Women He Wants To See In His Movies [Video]

Venus Williams made the cut… and we have a feeling a lot of brothers feel the same way.


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Venus Williams flashes her flesh-coloured man briefs once again


Venus Williams once again decided to wear flesh-colored, skin-tight undershorts at the French Open in Paris yesterday and by now we know for sure this is a well thought out strategic move to paralyze her opponents and force them to surrender victory. “Dear Lord! What is that??? That’s it, I’m done!! *leaves court and buries face in a bucket of tennis balls to chase away the nightmare*


Katy Perry doesn’t want us to stare at her breasts anymore


Here’s Katy Perry on her way to her Hollywood dance studio crossing the parking lot with her assistant and a pink suitcase, pretending that a Baby Gap onesie with crotch buttons over a sheer vomit pantyhose and high heels make up a proper street attire. And while we’re not known to dismiss the beauty of a wedgie (unless it happens in Venus Williams’ galactic vortex of an ass crack), it’s going to take a lot more to get our one-track minds off of her ample chest…though, complete lower body nudity might help…just giving out suggestions here…


Venus Williams upskirt moment of the day


We apologize for the grainy images, but Venus Williams’ ass in a crystal clear form might be something similar to being offered battery acid to relieve dry and itchy eyes. Now what we can’t figure out is whether she went commando to destruct her opponent or her ass works like a giant rip current and makes thongs disappear like unsuspecting swimmers in dangerous waters.


Who Swirled Harder??

After the AMA’s, Janet Jackson threw a party. Russell Simmons showed up wth his long time escort girl and Johnny Gill came faking the funk, like he enjoys womb. SMH

Who Swirled Harder??

Pop the top for Janet, Ciara, Melody Thornton and Venus Williams sporting something most people didn’t mention… her natural hair