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Dallas’s Victoria Principal pulls a gun on maid over constipated dog


Victoria Principal does not have too much patience for slaves, er, sorry, maids who can’t coerce a dog to poop faster. And when they fail to do so, the crime is punishable by death with firing squad.

According to TMZ, Maribel Banegas, the maid who used to work for Victoria Principal at her Malibu house is suing her for threatening to kill her with a gun.

Banegas claims she had taken the dog for a walk and when she returned home she found an enraged Victoria who couldn’t understand why it took so long. Banegas explained the dog wouldn’t poop, but Victoria wasn’t buying the poo the maid was selling. According to the suit, filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Victoria fired Maribel on the spot. Maribel asked for her final check and Victoria went upstairs, but did not come down with a checkbook and a pen. Instead, she came down carrying a gun which she then pointed and aimed at the maid.

The suit claims Victoria “verbally threatened to kill the plaintiff” and asked another housekeeper who was there “to stand aside in order that she could kill the plaintiff.”

The maid claims assault, false imprisonment and emotional distress. She wants unspecified damages.