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Celebrities Who Should Be Featured On Unsung’s Spin-Off, “Unsung Hollywood”

Unsung Hollywood

Who do you think they should feature in the new TV and film star-centered “Unsung”?

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Sexy Vivica A. Fox Lingerie Pics

I wasn’t really sure what to title this post as I’m not sure what Vivica A. Fox is wearing in most of these photos would be considered lingerie but all the same, she looks pretty damn sexy. I’m not loving the first picture but the rest are red hot. Well, maybe the other hat picture isn’t terrific in comparison but maybe Vivica just doesn’t look quite as good in a hat. A lot of people like to say Vivica has had too much work done to be attractive but I don’t think that’s the case. Maybe she’s had a nip here and a tuck there but I think she still looks gorgeous. There are lots of plastic surgery horror stories out there. I would hardly call Vivica one of them.

Sexy Vivica A. Fox lingerie pics

Sexy Vivica A. Fox lingerie pics Sexy Vivica A. Fox lingerie pics Sexy Vivica A. Fox lingerie pics
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Vivica Looks Refreshed Since the Last Time We Saw her with Ol’ Bugsy

Vivica Fox is sometimes a hit or miss with her look but now we notice that she has a bit of an extra glow going on. She showed up to see Breezy do his thing at the 13th Annual Best Buddies event in Miami.

More Flicks Under the Hood

Breezy, we know you are performing but them boots are a little suspect but we’re pretty sure you know this already


For Your Viewing Pleasure: Bugsy and Vivica Fox on the set of his New Video…


50 Cent and Vivica Fox were real close and comfy on the set of Ol’ Bugsy’s new video ”Do You Think About Me.” A little too close for us to believe it was all acting. Another pic of Viv and Busy on the flipside.


Bugsy can act… but not that good.



Fill In the Blank: “Me & Vivica Were ______________ at the Video Shoot…”


Ol’ Bugsy is about as funny, cocky and ignorant as they come. Yesterday in Houston, he announced that Vivica Fox is his new leading lady in the video he just shot “Do You Think About ME.” Are we the only ones that recognize the comedy in the title and his choice for a co-star???

He Also Speaks on the Ciara Situation

Did he just say his face is jewelry… NO Comment!!!