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Just One Pic: Wino lets her nipples out

jop wino tits
I don’t know why but I’m totally smitten by this pic of Amy Winehouse. Maybe it’s just out of curiosity because she’s sleeping and I can see only one of her eyes and a bit more than one of her nipples. Yes, there are nipples behind those stars and this is just one of the situations when I hate putting those NSFW stars. Anyway, you can click the source link and say hi to Wino’s nips. And don’t you dare call this “nip slip” because this is a pure and complete case of revolt!


Amy Winehouse back in hospital

wino clinic
Amy Winehouse was once again admitted to hospital following a heavy drinking session over the weekend. Reportedly, Wino gulped down an entire ocean and ended up at The London Clinic in Mayfair.

The Sun quotes a source close to Wino as saying,

She’s there because she had a load to drink and was really unwell afterwards. Not just sick, really poorly. But as she really likes it in there, she was happy to go in for a few days. She’s spending more time in the clinic than anywhere else at the moment.

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Amy Winehouse’s new boobs are melting away

wino boobs

It was just three weeks ago that I was beaming with joy as I reported about Amy Winehouse’s new boobs, but it seems my joy and Wino’s boobs were destined to die a premature death. Wino’s father Mitch has revealed his daughter is in hospital after her new breast implants gave way and started leaking.

According to,

Amy Winehouse was hospitalised after her breast implants “leaked”. The ‘Back to Black’ singer was admitted to a London medical centre earlier this week to be treated for what was believed to be complications with her medication. But her father Mitch Winehouse insists it was because she trouble with her new chest - which cost a rumoured £35,000.

I think it was Wino’s over-enthusiasm that killed her happiness midway and turned her dream into a nightmare. Either she found it too difficult to lay her hands off her new breasts or she failed to resist the temptation to test the durability of her new goodies by subjecting them to a solid pinch.
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Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil granted divorce‎

It’s time for a big celebration for the loyal fans of Amy Winehouse. Amy Winehouse and Blake Fielder-Civil are no longer married! As per the latest news, Wino was granted divorce from her junky husband Blake Fielder-Civil at a Family Court hearing in London Thursday.

THP reports,

A judge read out the divorce decree for “Fielder-Civil B. v Winehouse A.J.” along with those of other estranged couples at a brief Family Court hearing. Neither 25-year-old Winehouse nor Fielder-Civil, 27, was in court Thursday. The divorce becomes final after six weeks and a day.
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