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This Is A Different… Rendition Of The DuckTales Theme Song [Video]

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Exclusive Interview With Rising Star Arden Cho

Arden Cho has already made quite a name for herself as an actress, and now she is doing the same thing with her amazing vocal abilities. The 27-year-old actress/singer/youtuber has been on hit TV Shows like CSI: NY and Pretty Little Liars. She’ll also be in the upcoming movie The Baytown Outlaws, which will be released next year and will feature stars like, Billy Bob Thorton, Eva Longoria and Paul Wesley. It’s safe to say the small town girl from Texas has come a long way.

Her Youtube channel has exploded and now has over 100,000 subscribers. Some of her subscribers might have initially subscribed because they saw a beautiful woman with a guitar, but they have stuck around for her fashion advice and her incredibly beautiful voice, which is in full display in her mash-up of Katy Perry’s Wide Awake and Gotye’s Somebody I Used To Know,

We were lucky enough to land an interview with the rising star. Check it out below…

TDF: You’ve had a lot of success in modeling/acting, but do you feel a stronger connection with music?

AD: Music for me means a lot on a personal level. I’ve always loved music but I never thought I had the talent to pursue it. I initially only put my music out there just for fun and as a way to connect with people through my songs. It was very experimental and I still consider music just a side hobby for me. It’s something that takes the stress away from the daily grind of auditions and it’s a way for me to challenge my creative side and stretch myself in new areas of the arts. I do however hope to continue getting better and growing as an artist and hopefully one day I’ll call myself a “singer”.

TDF: I noticed you just celebrated your 27th birthday, and you received a very special birthday present. Your Youtube channel reached 100,000 subscribers! How much did that mean to you?

AC: This really surprised me actually, I never would have imagined more than a few hundred people supporting me. I still can’t believe over 100,000 people support my work. I feel extremely blessed and encouraged by all the love. It means the world to me because as artists we put ourselves out there and risk the fear of rejection every day. But each and every single supporter reminds you that no matter how tough that road gets, if you love it, it’s worth it.

TDF: You’ve been recording more covers for your Youtube channel recently; how do you choose what songs you want to cover? Do you take requests?

AC: I choose whatever song I like at the moment, or a song that has a message I want to share. I do take requests and love getting requests because there are way too many songs I like and it’s always hard to decide what to sing next.

TDF: One of your more recent covers is just breathtaking, visually and vocally. It’s also sort of a ‘mash-up’ of two very popular songs. Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’ and Gotye’s monster hit ‘Somebody That I used To Know’ You sing both songs with such emotion that you make them your own. How hard is it to connect to with someone else’s song?

AC: I don’t think it’s very hard to connect with someone else’s song, I’ve heard songs and felt like the artist read my mind and expressed my feelings perfectly. Wording my emotions in a way I couldn’t even do myself. I think that’s why music is so powerful. It means something different to whoever the listener is and you choose what a song means to you. I connected with Katy Perry’s ‘Wide Awake’ immediately when I heard it because the lyrics were so powerful, simple, yet strong. I loved the way she captured the story and as I listened to the song I thought it was a similar feeling to the later part of ‘Somebody That I used To Know’. Although the original songs are both completely different styles I thought it would be fun to make them unite and create something different.

TDF: You also have original songs on your channel. Your music video for your song, ‘I’m Just a Girl’ has over 400,000 views. You must be really proud of that video, did you expect the video to take off like it did?

AC: I don’t know if “proud” is the right word. It was my first time writing, recording ,and even producing a MV on top of zero budget. So for it being the “first time” I guess it turned out better than expected? But I look back now and think “I definitely want to get better and do better” but it wasn’t a bad start.

TDF: You call music “your hobby.” Would you like it to be more than just a hobby?

AC: I’m open to it becoming more of a career than a hobby but I’m not actively pursuing that. I’m still focusing on acting and if opportunities for music come up, I’m more than willing to put time into it. But for now, I’m still learning and just having fun with music.

TDF: Would you consider combining your acting talent with your musical talent and take them both to Broadway?

AC: I grew up singing musicals and loving musical theater so that might be something I’d want to do in the later future but not something I’d want at the moment.

TDF: Favorite guilty pleasure song?

AC: Anything ADELE. I love her music and I love to butcher her songs in the shower.

TDF: Are you working on any new original songs? How about your movie career? I see you just got done filming a movie with Billy Bob Thornton and Eva Longoria?

AC: I’m constantly writing but nothing new has been recorded. Hopefully one of these days I’ll get a chance to at least record an EP or a mini album. I’m just waiting for the right time. Acting has been good, I’m looking forward to Baytown Outlaws coming out next year and also Olympus Has Fallen which I just finished working on in Shreveport, Louisiana.

TDF: Last question. You have a link on your Facebook page that directs to your Yelp account. As a fellow yelper/foodie I can’t end this interview without asking you what your favorite meal is?

AC: This is tough. I really love a lot of Korean dishes (I have my top 5 Korean restaurants listed on Yelp) but if it was my last meal, I might want a nice fat juicy steak, garlic mashed potatoes, veggies and wine. I also really like all noodles (Asian & Italian) and thai or chinese food… Yeah, see I can’t answer this question. It’s too hard. I’ll just have a big fat burrito! I love Mexican food also!


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‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham Releases Strange Music Video

One of the most “interesting” moms from ‘Teen Mom’ Farrah Abraham has been dipping her toes in the music world recently. She released her first song, ‘Finally Getting Up From Rock Bottom’ a few weeks ago and now she has released her first music video for her song titled, ‘On My Own’

The song is severely overproduced (just like her first song) and you can’t really understand a word she is saying. The actual video is haunting and a little bit confusing. There is no way that she actually thinks these songs are good, right? It either has to be some big joke, or Farrah really needs help. And, I don’t mean that in a “this gurrrrl needs some help” kind of way. I mean that she really needs some help. If you are a fan of Teen Mom, then you know that Farrah has had a pretty messed up life. Her mom is freaking insane, the father of her child died in a tragic car accident and she doesn’t really have any friends.

Farrah cries in almost every episode of Teen Mom and in every episode she gets a little bit closer to losing her mind. This music video might just be a cry for help;  it’s just so creepy and sad.

What do you think? Watch the video and share your thoughts…

Farrah Abraham Farrah Abraham1

Kate Upton’s Hot Easter Bunny Video!

Kate Upton, the 19-year-old model who seems to be everywhere lately has managed to hop her way into our Easter Sunday. She tweeted the very sexy Easter video you see above yesterday and made a lot of her followers extremely happy. We’re not sure who came up with this idea, but we would like to give that person a very big hug.

In the video above, you can see Kate Upton hopping around in her little bunny ears, suck water out of a pet bunny drip, pull eggs out of her bra and she even nibbles on a carrot! The only thing she didn’t do is rub melted chocolate all over her body; hopefully that video will be coming out soon. We would be willing to pay for that.

Hopefully she will think about doing a video like this for every holiday. What is the next holiday coming up? Mother’s Day? That might be a little strange. We’ll wait ‘til July 4th, she can have Roman Candles shooting out of her bra while she eats a hot dog…very slowly. Kate Upton’s Hot Easter Bunny Video! Kate Upton’s Hot Easter Bunny Video! Kate Upton’s Hot Easter Bunny Video! Kate Upton’s Hot Easter Bunny Video! Kate Upton’s Hot Easter Bunny Video!




Sexy girl Fail compilation part. 4 funny video ;) .avi




Bruce Springsteen’s Insane Concert Video!

Bruce Springsteen is a freaking badass. He is 62 years old and is still doing crazy sh*t like this! In the video above you can see him go into the crowd and start singing, “Raise Your Hand” he was having himself a good ol’ time. But then halfway through the performance, Bruce got tired and decided to sit down (remember he is 62 years old) a very observant fan could see Bruce’s exhaustion and decided to hand him his beer. Bruce took the beer and chugged that thing down like a champ…then went back to performing.

Bruce Springsteen is clearly full of win. However, there is one big loser in this story. The fan who gave him the beer, do you know how much those things cost at concerts? He just wasted $10 on Bruce Springsteen and all he got from it was an empty cup and a sweaty seat.

Lame. Bruce Springsteen’s Insane Concert Video! Bruce Springsteen’s Insane Concert Video! Bruce Springsteen’s Insane Concert Video!


The Skype Call


Sexy Girl FAIL compilation part. 3 funny video ragazze che fanno le sexy e falliscono clamirosamente


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To Much Fun At Work FAIL


The Cost of Getting Shit Faced Increased


The Budget Compliments of the Millionaire George


Jason Russell’s Meltdown Explained?

We are sure that you have all seen the video of Jason Russell (the man behind the Kony 2012 Video) having a very strange naked meltdown on a public street. If you haven’t seen the video yet, check it out here.

Anyway, this left a lot of people wondering, “What the f**k is he on?” Everyone thinks he had a bad reaction to some drugs or something. However, his family has just released a statement that might explain the whole thing,

“We would, again, like to make it clear that Jason’s incident was in no way the result of drugs or alcohol in his body. The preliminary diagnosis he received is called brief reactive psychosis, an acute state brought on by extreme exhaustion, stress and dehydration.

Though new to us, the doctors say this is a common experience given the great mental, emotional and physical shock his body has gone through in these last two weeks. Even for us, it’s hard to understand the sudden transition from relative anonymity to worldwide attention – both raves and ridicules, in a matter of days.”

The family says that Russell will remain under hospital care for a number of weeks and after that, the recovery process could take months before he is “normal” again.

We are supposed to believe this? No. We here at The Daily Fix know what really happened that day. Jason Russell was stressed, that is true. He was stressed and exhausted, but not because of all the attention and criticism. He was stressed because he didn’t want to become a one hit wonder. He didn’t just want to have one viral video, he needed more! Jason was going to make a video of him lip-syncing, ’Party In The USA’ but he thought lip-syncing videos were outdated.

He thought long and hard and finally figured out what was “in” right now. Meltdowns! Meltdowns are in, we love to see celebrities have meltdowns and we love them even more if they are caught on tape. So, Jason Russell did it. He did what so many others before him failed to do; he made a second viral video.

What a freaking genius. We applaud you. Jason Russell’s Meltdown Explained? Jason Russell’s Meltdown Explained? Jason Russell’s Meltdown Explained?


New Jason Russell Meltdown Video! ‘Kony 2012’ Filmmaker Gone Wild!

A couple of days ago we saw a very hilarious video of Jason Russell (the man behind the ‘Kony 2012’ video) having one huge naked meltdown on a public street! And now, TMZ has received another video and this one is even better (you can watch the video above.)

In this video, the camera is close enough to hear some of what Jason Russell was saying. You can hear him say “Fu*k” a few times and you also hear him say something about the devil. And, my favorite part is when he mentions the iphone’s ‘Siri’ I am guessing she gave him some bad advice when he asked the question, “Should I run around naked on the street and play with my penis?”

This whole thing is so strange and hilarious. You have to think that drugs had to play a role in this. There has to be some explanation besides the fact that he was “exhausted” and “dehydrated.” New Jason Russell Meltdown Video! ‘Kony 2012’ Filmmaker Gone Wild! New Jason Russell Meltdown Video! ‘Kony 2012’ Filmmaker Gone Wild! New Jason Russell Meltdown Video! ‘Kony 2012’ Filmmaker Gone Wild!


“Kony 2012” Filmmaker Jason Russell Detained for Masturbating in Public!

Oh, you just had to know this was coming. Guy makes a huge name for himself, is treated like a hero for exposing Joseph Kony, and then starts to masturbate on the corner of a street! That sounds like a very normal thing, doesn’t it? No? Well, it happened. (see TMZ’s video above.)

Jason Russell, the man behind the “Kony 2012” video was detained for allegedly being drunk in public and masturbating. He is currently being hospitalized on a 5150 psychiatric hold so authorities can assure his mental state. The 5150 allows law enforcement to keep him for up to 3 days to determine if he represents a threat to himself or others. Law enforcement has no plans to charge him with a crime for yesterday’s meltdown.

A statement has been released by the CEO of Invisible Children, Ben Keesey,

“Jason Russell was unfortunately hospitalized yesterday suffering from exhaustion, dehydration, and malnutrition. He is now receiving medical care and is focused on getting better. The past two weeks have taken a severe emotional toll on all of us, Jason especially, and that toll manifested itself in an unfortunate incident yesterday.

Jason’s passion and his work have done so much to help so many, and we are devastated to see him dealing with this personal health issue. We will always love and support Jason, and we ask that you give his entire family privacy during this difficult time.”

Geez, what an incredibly odd turn of events. We all suffer from stress, but you don’t see us going down to the local ihop and spreading maple syrup all over our naked bodies. Get a grip, man! “Kony 2012” Filmmaker Jason Russell Detained for Masturbating in Public! “Kony 2012” Filmmaker Jason Russell Detained for Masturbating in Public! “Kony 2012” Filmmaker Jason Russell Detained for Masturbating in Public!


Kony 2012 … Invisible Agenda

By now I’m sure you have all seen the Kony 2012 video .  I have to admit I watched it and it tugged at my heartstrings just like it did to millions of others.  The video has gone beyond viral.  There are now many critics/cynics popping up all over as well,  mainly criticism of the Invisible Children organization.  The IC is an organization that has been under much scrutiny for being shady in the past with what they’ve done with their funds in the past.   There are claims that less than 35% of donations even reached Uganda.   Actually the IC has spent 80.46% of their money towards their total cause.  Their entire financial statements including their 990 are available online for anyone to see.  It seems that lies are being spread by cynics almost all over the Internet by people believing whatever they read.  People are jumping on the ‘Kony 2012 is a scam’ bandwagon just the same as they are jumping on the ‘Kony 2012 will help the war children of Uganda’ bandwagon.  I do not support the IC by any means…stay with me here.  The Ugandan military and the SPLA (Sudan People’s Liberation Army) are guilty of rape and murder as well.  Not on the level of Kony but still…rape and murder is rape and murder.  The IC says they are very aware of their human rights violations but have to side with local government agencies in order to further their cause.  Reminds me of when the US supported Iraq in the war against Iran back in the day.  Remember?  But then, that whole fiasco was about oil.  The more I look into this, the more it reeks of hidden political agendas.  The Government didn’t want to support the cause a few years back but now suddenly because the ‘people’ want it?  Seriously?  Kony hasn’t even set foot in Uganda since 2006 or 2008 depending on your source.  Either way it’s been almost a decade.  Did you know that oil was recently found in Uganda?  Now our government wants to get involved.  Coincidence?  The video is so slick…just grabs you by the heart and makes you want to donate tears made of money into their cause.  There are just too many lies on both sides at this point.  Donating $30 for a t-shirt, a few posters and a couple bracelets will not help save a child anymore than updating my status on Facebook for an hour will prevent child abuse.  I love how people are all over this yet I know a certain Nigerian Prince who gets nothing but ridicule when he wants a few dollars….What about the children here in the U.S. getting raped and murdered each and everyday?  The runaways, the child prostitutes, and porn rings…right here under our noses?  On April 20th they’re gonna plaster this assholes face all over the world…great,  what is that going to cost the tax payer in clean that sh*t up?  It’s going to be like having to look at Bin Laden everyday for a year…how long are we going to see his face past Dec 2012?  Just a thought.


Cony KONY2012 what uganda do

Insane Russian Man Gives His Cat a Tattoo!

‘Timur Rimut’ is from Tatarsan, Russia and he is a bit insane. He filmed himself permanently marking his hairless sphinx Coco with the phrase ‘Carpe Diem’ which is Latin for, ‘Seize the day.’

He started off by drawing the design on the cat with a pen and then he sedated the helpless cat, and proceeded to give the cat a tattoo. It’s the same crappy tattoo that Timur has on his chest. You can watch the video above, but it is quite disturbing…just a warning.

This video has sparked outrage all over the world and animal rights campaigners are disgusted. A spokesman for UK charity Cats Protection had this to say:

“We are shocked to see these images. As a charity that cares passionately about cats and seeks to inform the public about responsible pet ownership, we do not agree with people treating pets as fashion accessories in anyway. Animals should be anaesthetised for veterinary reasons only, not cosmetic purposes. We hope that people will realise that it is unacceptable to treat animals in this manner.”

And we thought pet owners that put sweaters on their dogs were bad…

Insane Russian Man Gives His Cat a Tattoo! Insane Russian Man Gives His Cat a Tattoo! Insane Russian Man Gives His Cat a Tattoo! Insane Russian Man Gives His Cat a Tattoo!

Our Exclusive Interview with Youtube Star ‘VenetianPrincess’

Youtube hit the internet back in 2005 and it has now grown into a star making machine. Stars like, Bo Burnham, Justin Bieber, Lucas Cruikshank (Fred), Greyson Chance, Smosh and the beautiful Jodie Rivera, or you might know her as, ‘VenetianPrincess.’ on Youtube.

Her videos have over 365,000,000 views, and she is known by many as “The Female Weird-Al.” High praise, to say the least. Jodie’s Youtube career took off when her “7 Things” spoof was featured and she has continued to produce Youtube hits ever since. She also just so happened to be in the Disney classic, “Hocus Pocus” when she was a kid.

We were lucky enough to land an interview with this talented princess. Check it out below…

TDF: Your parody of Lady Gaga’s song, “Poker Face” is currently your most viewed Youtube video with over 50 million views. But, what video has been your personal favorite? And why?

VP: It’s difficult for me to choose one ultimate favorite video. But “Outer Space” was probably the most fun to make. I enjoy dressing up in crazy costumes; it’s a hobby of mine. I think the funniest video I’ve done is “The Octo Mom Song.” I’m my own biggest critic and the laugh factor fades for me after the second time seeing a video. But seeing the babies flying always cracks me up. My favorite video in terms of the scene aesthetics would have to be my cover of “Someone Like You.” We shot it from sunset through to twilight at a beautiful beach here in Florida. I got to wade in the water in this gorgeous black dress as people with kites kept getting into my shot lol. I really like how the colors in that one came out.

TDF: Can you remember the exact moment when you realized that you “made it” on Youtube? What was your reaction?

VP: I remember I started seeing a lot of videos people were posting of them lipsyncing to my parodies. It was definitely an “ah ha” moment, as Oprah would say.

TDF: It seems like over the past year you have managed to really expand your career. You now have your own media production company, correct? Tell us more about that.

VP: We’ve been a corporation for a few years now. I took some time away last year, but then we re-grouped late last summer/early fall and delved back into business. We renovated and moved into our new studio, which has been wonderful. I used to shoot videos in a teeny tiny room in my old house, so coming into this large facility has been a great change. We specialize in New Media Entertainment and Brand Integration.  It’s basically branches off of my YouTube channel and the VenetianPrincess brand. But our work also extends outside of YouTube. We produce a lot of commercials.

TDF: Do you have any new videos coming out soon? If so, can you tell us a little more about them?

VP: I have a few in the works, but I’m hoping for them to be a surprise. I am planning on doing a lot more original songs, and hopefully post parodies more frequently.

TDF: Do you have any celebrity crushes? Or even a Youtube crush? Perhaps, Shay Carl and his awesome beard?

VP: I have a girl crush on BrittaniLouiseTaylor; she is seriously like the nicest person ever. Her song remakes are so inspiring and I love how she makes all of her music videos have a message. After watching her artsy videos, they make my parodies look so shallow lol.

TDF: What is the best advice you can give to an aspiring Youtuber?

VP: Test out different types of videos and find one that sticks. Only do what you enjoy. People will see that you’re having fun, and in turn they’ll have fun watching.

TDF: You can sing, act, dance, write, edit…etc. Is there anything you can’t do?

VP: I always dreamed of being a skilled figure skater.. but I am the world’s biggest klutz so that never worked out…

TDF: How do you feel when people say you are the “Female Weird-Al”?

VP: Love him, so I am flattered.

TDF: If I were to write a new Hocus Pocus movie, would you be willing to star in it?

VP:  Sure. Can I play Sarah Jessica Parker’s role? I play a mean bimbo! :-P

Check out her Youtube channel, website and twitter below…!/vprincess

We’d like to thank Jodie for her time and the great interview! Our Exclusive Interview with Youtube Star ‘VenetianPrincess’ Our Exclusive Interview with Youtube Star ‘VenetianPrincess’ Our Exclusive Interview with Youtube Star ‘VenetianPrincess’ Our Exclusive Interview with Youtube Star ‘VenetianPrincess’


A Little Cuteness to end the Year Brought to you by Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt

I figured the best way to end the new year is on a cute note. Sure, we post a lot of pictures of women in bikinis on here, but sometimes cuteness is all you need. Sometimes you just want to cuddle, and be with the one you love. So, I am showing you the video that is quickly becoming a Youtube classic. It has over 3 million views in just three days. The video is of Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levitt doing their own little cover of, ‘What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve’ it’s such a simple, cute little video and I imagine that is why it is so popular. Well, that and everyone wants to see Zooey and Joseph get together. Ever since their movie (500) Days of Summer came out, people have been wishing they would become a couple in real life. However, that hadn’t been a real possibility…until now. Zooey recently separated from her husband, so maybe now there is hope to all the fans out there. I personally don’t want them to start dating because then they will end up like every other Hollywood couple. They’ll have a nasty break up and it’ll make us hate one of them, most likely Joseph.   Enjoy the video below…  

Madonna: F**k you, I like roses!

Because revenge to an over dried over-botoxed beef jerky is as sweet as the blood of the 24-year old she currently stores in her dungeon, Madonna will just not let go of the hydrangea incident. He who dared bring her royal highness the ever so despicable excuse of a flower is still receiving her wrath, now in the form of a mocking YouTube Video. Did we also mention she had the guy’s three kids kidnapped and thrown in the Hudson River? Yes, with age comes wisdom.

article-2036623-0DD9ED6900000578-786_634x486 article-2036623-0DD9ED7200000578-888_634x486 article-2036623-0DD9ED7900000578-1000_634x498 article-2036623-0DD9ED8200000578-341_634x427 article-2036623-0DD9ED9400000578-32_634x605 article-2036623-0DD9ED5D00000578-315_634x669

Mila Kunis Agrees to Go On a Date With a Random Marine

A month ago, Sgt. Scott Moore, a US Marine stationed in Afghanistan, posted a video on YouTube in which he asks hot-actress-of-the-moment Mila Kunis to be his date to the Marine Corps Ball this November…and she actually said yes. Which pisses me off, since I’ve asked out about 320 celebrities over the last year and have literally never gotten a response, this guy posts a 19 second video and scores on the first try. Whatever dude. Beginners luck, the wind, a disinterested and arbitrary universe, something intervened.

Anyway, continuing the story.

Over the weekend, Kunis was doing an interview with her Friends With Benefits costar Justin Timberlake and he mentioned the video and urged her to go:

“Have you seen this? Have you heard about this? You need to do it for your country,” Timberlake asked Kunis excitedly, before sending out a direct message to Moore. “I’m going to work on this, man. This needs to go down.”

After questioning her publicist if she knew about the invitation, the clearly flattered 27-year-old actress agreed.

“I’ll go, I’ll do it for you,” she said, turning to Timberlake. “Are you going to come?”

“They don’t want me! They want you,” Timberlake responded. “You need to do it for your country.”

Kunis nodded.

“I’ll do it,” she confirmed.

So that’s fun! I mean, it could be really awkward and her presence might detract from from the point of the evening, to celebrate Marines, but whatever! She is supporting the troops! Nice feelings!

What I’m most worried about is this leading to America’s new favorite pastime: guilting celebrities into doing things they probably wouldn’t want to do but have to because it’d be bad publicity if they said no. I can’t wait for a public proposal by a soldier-dying-of-cancer who wants Amy Adams to suck him off.


Chris Brown Terrorised the Twitter World with a Homophobic Rant

Umm where to begin with this. Tremendous cockwagon Chris Brown is once again behaving like a splendiferous chode-wrangler. He’s recently taken to the Twitter to get in a fight with a former member of some band called B2K, an argument in which Brown used various anti-gay slurs, such as “dick in da booty ass lil boy.” Wait… a dick in the booty AND the ass? Get me Corbin Fisher on the horn, I have a new superstar for him!

Anyways it all started when Raz B, the former member of B2K, was sittin there thinking, how can niggas like Eric Benet and Chris Brown disrespect women as Intelligent as Halle Berry and Rihanna. Thus he tweeted his thoughts…

Im just sittin here Thinking how can niggas like @ebenet & @ChrisBrown disrespect women as Intelligent as @HalleBerry11 @Rihanna

Which got Chris Browns fuming at the mouth and since he apparently knew that Raz had been molested by B2K’s manager at some point he tweeted back:

nigga you want attention! Grow up nigga!!! Dick in da booty ass lil boy.

Tell me this @razb2k!! Why when the money was coming in u won’t complaining about getting butplugged! #homothug!!!

And that is when things got fun… Enter Raz’s brother, a guy who prefers YouTube over Twitter apparently, since he made this sophisticated video in defence of his brother:

Anyway, Brown has since apologized, saying “By the way, I love all my gay fans and this immature act is not targeted at you!” So take heart, little gays. His homo-hating slurs were not targeted at you, they were just targeted about you. Or something.

LONG STORY SHORT: Chris Browns is an annoying little fart-hustler.


50 Cent Lip-Syncs With YouTube Sensation Keenan

YouTube Sensation Keenan Cahill (who has become famous online for his bad lipsyncing)  got paid a surprise visit from Chelsea Handler’s maybe-boyfriend, 50 Cent, while shooting one of his signature lip-syncing videos for Handler’s talk show “Chelsea Lately”. 50 Cents jumps in through the door at around the 1:20 mark for what looks like an impromptu duet, but what people don’t seem to be realizeing is that 50 was actually just trying to break in and rob the 40 year old man-baby dude & got distracted by the song.

Oh and kids, in the future clean your room before you invite Fiddy over!