Gilles Marini: “I Make Sure My Kids Know Their Roots”

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Switched at Birth actor Gilles Marini is raising breast cancer awareness and has designed a t-shirt for Ford Warriors In Pink. One hundred percent of the net proceeds go to the Dr. Susan Love Research Foundation – dedicated to finding the cause of breast cancer.

Celebrity Baby Scoop recently caught up with Gilles to talk about Ford Warriors In Pink, acting, and family life with wife Carole and their two children Juliana, 6, and Georges, 14.

CBS: How did you come involved with Ford Warriors In Pink? Tell us why you wanted to participate and what you hope to accomplish?

GM: Well being part of the campaign is an honor. Trying to make a difference in the world is always so rewarding and I feel so good doing it.  For me, it was common sense to be involved with Ford’s Warriors in Pink. We hope to education more people to spread early detection and help fund research.

CBS: You designed the limited edition t-shirt for Ford Warriors in Pink. How did you come up with the design?

GM: To tell you the truth I got help  from the great team at Ford. I wanted to design a t-shirt that men or women could wear, as well as something meaningful to me. We used the Warriors in Pink symbols and made a great shirt that I am very proud of. My wife helped quite a bit too. My favorite personal touch is the little pink stripes, they are small but crucial for the design I wanted.

CBS: Dealing with cancer in your own life – how did you explain the disease to your children?

GM: Well my kids are aware of the disease, my dad passed away from colon cancer and my mom had kidney cancer at 38, and luckily survived. It is super important that people know that they are not alone and that there is help and support.

CBS: You’ve been on Dancing with the Stars.  Do you have any predictions about this season?  Who are “the ones” to watch?

GM: Gosh, I wish I had time to watch this season. I am so busy traveling and working. What I can tell you, whomever is on the show by now they must know that it’s not a walk on the park .. LOL

CBS: Tell us about your role on ‘Switched At Birth’.  Seems like you have a knack for turning recurring roles into permanent ones.  Why do you think that is?

GM: Well first, thanks for the compliment. :) I play Angelo, a brand new father of two 16 years old girls. I like playing Angelo due to his complexity and the fact that for a long time you never know if it’s gonna be good or bad with him. I just came back from a meeting and checked out the new story lines, this is gonna be the best season yet! I love been part of this show, which is tackling really important topics. It’s a groundbreaking tv show.

CBS: Have your children watched any of your acting work?  All the time but not all of it .  What kinds of comments have they made when watching you on screen?

GM: My daughter sometime watches, but she still doesn’t understand that what I do on TV isn’t real. So imagine when I have a love interest, like Constance Marie, who plays Regina. My daughter kind of  looks at me from the side and wonders. I need to explain myself sometime. LOL

CBS: What does a favorite ‘family’ day look like in the Marini household?

GM: Breakfast together, gardening, Jiu jitsu together, shopping, taking care of the chickens, rabbit, cat and dog. Hiking, watching a tv show or movie, and going to Bucca, at Universal, our favorite family restaurant.

CBS: Are the kids excited about Halloween?  Do they have their costumes picked out already?  Do they trick or treat around the neighborhood?

GM: Yes it’s one of the super awesome things we do all together. They already have their costumes, we always trick or threat in Toluca Lake. It’s so much fun and the kids have a blast. We wait for night to falls before going out, because I believe that Halloween must be done after dark, it’s all about been scared and getting as much “cavities as possible”…opps sorry I meant as much ”candy” possible… LOL

CBS: Have you completely adjusted to being an ‘American’? What are some ways you incorporate the ‘French’ culture into your family life?

GM: Yes I believe I was already very much an American even before I became a citizen. I am in love with this country and with the people. But is also comes down to making sure my kids remember their roots. We go to France as often as we can and speak french at home. That will do it .. :)