Tamera Mowry-Housley: “I Am A Huge Skeptic”

Tamera Mowry-Housley poses with son Aden.

Sister, Sister star Tamera Mowry-Housley recently teamed up with Playtex Baby for their new “Here’s the Deal” video series. The webisode series gives moms like Tamera a chance to “get together to share the truth” about their motherhood experiences.

Tamera opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about how the Playtex Baby video series was a “no-brainer” for her, how her “very energetic and inquisitive” son Aden, almost 1, is doing, and whether becoming a mother was a big adjustment for her. She also shares her plans for Aden’s first birthday in November!

CBS: Tell us about teaming up with Playtex Baby and the new video series, “Here’s the Deal.” Why did you and Tia get involved with this new project?

TMH: “Oh my goodness! I am a mom and I love it, and I absolutely love anything ‘mommy and baby.’ I’ve also used Playtex, so it was a no-brainer for me. What I love about the Playtex videos is that they have moms like me get together to share the truth about our experiences. I don’t know why we do this, but a lot of times, us moms feel like we’re the only ones going through whatever we’re going through. With the videos, you sit there with other moms and hear their experiences and the things that help make their journey as a mom better. It always makes you feel great.”

CBS: Tell us about some of the topics you’ll be covering on the video series. Where can we find the webisodes?

TMH: “As of right now, I am not exactly sure of everything right now. I do know that we’re going to talk about what we want our children to be when they grow up. For me, it’s not so much an occupation; I just want my son to be confident with himself, because when you’re confident, you can do anything you want to do. Yes, I want to instill love, daisies, and all that great stuff in him, but the moment he gets out into the real world, I want him to have the tools to believe in himself and know that rejection is a part of life and it doesn’t define who you are. I also want him to love unconditionally.

You can view the webisodes on Playtex Baby’s Youtube page.”

CBS: How’s your son Aden doing? What is he into these days? What kind of baby is he?

TMH: “Aden is into everything! He wants to touch, feel, see, and taste his environment, and it’s awesome to see! I can’t believe it, because it all happened so quickly. I keep thinking to myself, ‘Oh my gosh, I just gave birth to this boy!’ Now he says ‘mama’ and stands by himself without holding on to anything. He also loves to giggle, scream, go on walks, and look outside. He’s definitely taken that side of his dad. He is very energetic and inquisitive.”

CBS: How has the first year of motherhood been so far?

TMH: “It’s been a beautiful and amazing journey, and it’s taught me humility. I’ve also experienced the most challenges in my life with him, all in a short amount of time. It’s really interesting. The challenges I had before were spaced out, like dealing with a break-up and college. When you have a kid, there are like three big challenges a week. It humbles you and teaches you that things will always work themselves out. It also teaches you that you can’t control everything. Your child will sleep through the night one day, and the next day you’ll be like, ‘What the hell happened to my angel?!’ [laughs] That’s just the way it is! It teaches you to just go with the flow.”

CBS: Was motherhood a huge adjustment? How has motherhood changed your life? 

TMH: “Absolutely. Anyone who doesn’t say that being a mom was an adjustment probably isn’t taking care of the child and someone else is. [laughs] It’s a huge adjustment. Before it’s all about you and your partner, whereas now you have this being in your life, and this being has his or her own agenda. Aden wants to do other things and I have to watch him, especially now that he is mobile. That was a whole new adjustment, because you’ve got to baby-proof your house. Instead of having our son dictate our lives, we like to bring our environment into his space. This is because we travel a lot and want him to get used to the change in our environment and still have the bottle-feedings and whatnot. You have to work around it.”

CBS: What are your upcoming plans for Aden’s first birthday in November? Do you have a theme/location picked out yet?

TMH: “We are going to Disneyland! He’s never been and he likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. We are going to do that and invite a couple of friends. It will be a family adventure! I will let him see the park and enjoy some little rides. He loves to hang upside down, which made me think, ‘You know what, this boy is going to love amusement parks, so I’ll let him see Disneyland first.’”

CBS: You were open about taking placenta pills in the postpartum period. Would you recommend this to new moms? 

TMH: “Yes, I would absolutely recommend it because it gives you energy, supports your milk supply, and helps stabilize your hormones. I am a huge skeptic, so I will tell you if it didn’t do that and I will tell you if it does. That’s why I don’t mind saying it. Would I grind it up in a blender or cook it in some eggs? No. Drying it out and taking the pills was fine for me, because you don’t even know you’re doing it. They also worked great in keeping the post-partum depression away. Because I struggled with depression when I was nineteen, I was a little more vulnerable to post-partum depression.  That is a factor, but I am fine.”

CBS: Give us a peek into a typical playdate with Aden and his big cousin Cree. Please describe their special bond

TMH: “Cree and my sister, Tia, usually come over and I cook dinner for Cree. Cree usually won’t like my cooking, but he did eventually eat my spaghetti! [laughs] He and Aden will just play with each other and what’s really sweet is that my sister and I swap bath time. I bathe Cree and Tia bathes Aden.”

CBS: What is up next for you? Perhaps baby No. 2 soon?

TMH: “There is! I would love to have another baby. If it were up to me, I would have a baby sooner rather than later, but we all know that I am only half in control of that. I would absolutely love that. I am also working with Little Remedies and Make A Wish Foundation’s ‘Say Yes To Less’ campaign. I’m doing a lot for moms, kids and families.”