Drew Sidora Talks ‘CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story’

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Actress-singer Drew Sidora stars as “T-Boz” in VH1′s CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story, the television biographical film about the R&B/Hip hop group TLC.

Drew opens up to Celebrity Baby Scoop about the movie that “chronicles the No. 1 female group of all time.” She goes on to talk about her 2-year-old son Josiah, costarring with Channing Tatum, and the joys of motherhood.

CBS: You play Tionne “T-Boz” Watkins in VH1′s original film, CrazySexyCool: The TLC Story. What is the movie all about?

DS: “The movie chronicles the No. 1 female group of all time and their entire journey. We see them as young girls going after their dreams, and the ups and downs throughout their career. You’ll see the truth of all they went through individually and collectively.”

CBS: Tell us about your role in the film.

DS: “I play Tionne “T Boz” Watkins. She was the “cool” one out the group. She brought that jazz/funk element to the group and was known for her incredible swag, great physique and low raspy voice. The movie will highlight her personal struggle with Sickle-cell disease.”

CBS: You have worked on many different TV shows and movies. Is there one project that really helped you grow as an actress?

DS: “I feel anytime you work on a project there is opportunity for growth. From working on White Chicks with the Wayans brothers, to Martin Lawrence in Wild Hogs and Step Up with Channing Tatum, I learned and grew so much as an actress.

Playing the role of T Boz in CrazySexyCool, however, was my most challenging role yet. Taking on someone’s life story is never easy. Working to channel her spirit and emotions, while capturing her physical look and mannerisms allowed me to push and challenge myself as an actress and ultimately grow.”

CBS: You played Chantal in Disney’s well known series, That’s So Raven. Do you still keep in contact with your That’s So Raven co-stars? Did this role open up doors for you?

DS: “We were pretty much like family and had a lot of fun together. Orlando Brown became like a little brother to me while working on the show and we actually recorded music together. Raven-Symoné is such an amazing actress — her comedic timing is brilliant and she is one of the most down to earth people I’ve worked with. She always shows me love whenever we meet up. I’m thankful for the opportunity to work with her. It opened up the door for me to do more Disney projects and become part of the Disney family.”

CBS: You are also the mother to a 2-year-old son, Josiah Jordan. What does Josiah like to do for fun? What does he do to make you laugh?

DS: “He loves baseball — everything is baseball right now. He keeps me active and always laughing. He’s truly a comedian and ready for the screen. You can actually catch him as he made an appearance in CrazySexyCool as well. That experience kept me laughing for sure.”

CBS: Is he into the ‘terrible twos’ at all? How do you handle it?

DS: “Thankfully, we haven’t experienced ‘terrible twos.’ I actually called it ‘terrific twos’ on his 2nd birthday and prayed that it would always remain that way. So far, so good. He’s a great kid and we communicate extremely well with each other. I’ve always talked to him as if he could comprehend everything. I don’t believe in the ‘baby talk’ all the time. I have my moments, but I always try to talk using a wide vocabulary.”

CBS: What has been one of the greatest rewards of motherhood? Greatest challenge?

DS: “I must share with you, the greatest gift is experiencing unconditional love. The innocence of a child has brought me great patience and put my life in a whole new perspective. I love coming home and playing with my little one. Not to mention, he was recently tested at his Enrichment School and scored above average for 3-years-old. He’s only 2-years-old now, so I must admit I’m an extremely proud and elated mother these days.

However, my biggest challenge has been balancing work and quality time with my little one. It’s difficult whenever I have to leave and work, but thankfully, I’ve been able to manage and many times he travels with me.”

CBS: How has motherhood changed you?

DS: “Motherhood has changed me in many ways. I feel I’m a better sister, daughter and friend. I’m truly a better woman — more mature and responsible. I’m definitely more of a home body these days. I’ve truly become a kid all over again and always ready to have fun, play games and laugh — a lot!”

CBS: What’s your parenting style? Are you laid back, strict, a worrier?

DS: “I’m all three at different times. I’m very laid back naturally, but I find myself worrying about my baby boy. My friends and family call me ‘stalker mom.’ I haven’t allowed many people to babysit him except for family — and that took me awhile to do! I just want to keep him safe, but I’m pretty sure I’ll learn to slowly let go — just no time soon [laughs].

I believe in enforcing strict rules and boundaries at all times. I use the timeout method to discipline as well. My mom used that with me and I turned out pretty alright.”

CBS: What are your Halloween plans?

DS: “We usually attend a big Halloween Party at our church. My mother is Pastor of Journey To The Cross Ministries and we host an amazing Halloween party full of games, a haunted house, food and lots of candy.”

CBS: Does Josiah have a Halloween costume picked out?

DS: “He already told me he wants to be Elmo for Halloween this year.”

CBS: What’s up next for you?

DS: “I’m excited about the launch of my foundation, Dreamakers! My official kickoff event is November 9, at the Roseland Reformed Christian Church in Chicago, IL. Dreamakers Foundation advocates for young women who struggle with mental health and physical health issues due to the effects of violence in our community. Dreamakers offers mental and physical health assessments and treatments, mentoring and educational workshops.

I’m also working on my music as I recently signed with Slip N Slide Records and gearing up for the release of my first single. Of course, more movies on the horizon and enjoying this journey in life and my career. Please visit my website DrewSidora.com for more information and updates. Thank you.”

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