Rumor Control: Kanye Says Learning That His Grandfather Was Dying Triggered His Attack On Thirsty Paparazzi This Summer


Kanye West Says News Of Grandfather Dying Triggered Paparazzi Attack

Yeezy decided to play nice with the paps again today and even went as far as to explain what triggered his almost-catch fade from earlier this summer.

via THG

Kanye West was oddly friendly and candid with paparazzi today (seriously, it’s not April 1) even explaining why he pummeled a photographer in July.

Ye said that one thing he didn’t get to mention this week on Jimmy Kimmel Live (one of the very, very few things) was the context behind the fight.

The rapper says the photographer, Daniel Ramos, set him up, was antagonizing him, and it happened just as he learned his grandfather was dying.

Well, this definitely puts things into even more context, especially considering that Kanye grandfather passed away not long after this incident.