Bargain Bling: Kris Humphries Confirms Plans To Auction Off $2 Million Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring…..For $500,000

Hump is still out here takin’ Ls from Kimmy Cakes and she aint even know it

Kris Humphries To Sell Kim Kardashian Engagement Ring For $500,000

One of the many hold ups during the seemingly endless divorce preceedings between NBA baller Kris Humphries and his now ex-wife Kim Kardashian was the battle over who would get to keep the engagement ring. Well, fast forward a few months after the divorce was finally settled, and while the dumped Hump ended up with the ring in the end, Kim looks to have still gotten the last laugh.

via THG

Kris Humphries confirms that he is indeed auctioning off the massive engagement ring he gave to interim wife Kim Kardashian back in 2011.

There was buzz last month that the NBA player was planning on auctioning off the diamond stunner to the highest bidder at Christie’s in New York.

Earlier today, Humphries rep finally confirmed the rumors.

“The ring is indeed Kris’ property that he received through his marriage dissolution,” the rep said in a statement. “He has long-since moved on.”

“Kris is very much looking forward to a successful auction at Christie’s and of course to returning to the court this upcoming NBA season as a Boston Celtic.”

The Lorraine Schwartz custom 16-karat sparkler is valued between $300,000-500,000 even though it was bought for Kim Kardashian for $2 million.

Christie’s still expects this “impressive” diamond and “property of a gentleman” to fetch over $500,000, a portion of which Kris will donate sale to charity.

Dayyum homie. Hump can just add this to the massive pile of Ls that he’s already taken during this whole ordeal.

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