Paris Hilton is a slutty Martha Stewart

Paris Hilton - Leggy @ Las Vegas Fashion Show Oct 2nd31

Paris Hilton is the new Martha Stewart…that is if Martha Stewart was open to producing instructional videos on how to give a BJ and her idea of an advertising campaign would be to flash her smiling crotch at the paparazzi. By now we’re pretty sure douche boytoy Doug has learnt his lesson on how to get Paris wet: “I see you in Target…and on aisle six in KMart…and you’re all over JCPenny’s…ok honey, can i get my little Dougie in your superstore now?”

Here she is in Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel over the weekend promoting her new sunglasses line…along with her hair extensions, clothing line, shoes, bags, jewellery and lingerie lines…not sure if she promoted her bed sheet line in her hotel room later on…

This is what she had to say when she was interviewed at the event:

“I have 16 different brands,” she said. “I do it everything, I do sunglasses, clothes, lingerie, purses, shoes, hair extensions, hair products, … I do bed sheets, I do scrap-booking, I do everything.”

“Right now I’m just finishing my new album and starting to produce some TV shows and starting the new show, and (I’m about to) start another movie,” she said. “I’m very busy,”.

When asked who she gets her inspiration from, in classic self-absorbed style, she replied:Myself!

Awesome…does that mean she’ll soon be promoting her dildo line on HSN?