Molly Ringwald: The Secret Is In The Scheduling

"Brat Packer" turned mom-of-three Molly Ringwald is kept busy these days by both career and kids. Tackling motherhood on-screen and off, she stars in the ABC Family hit The Secret Life of the American Teenager and is raising daughter Mathilda, 6, and twins Adele and Roman, 8 months.

"I've had to get a lot better about scheduling," Molly tells Entertainment Tonight of how she keeps up with her many responsibilities. "I used to be very spontaneous - I'd get on a plane, go anywhere I wanted anytime I wanted - and that's sort of changed. I just have to think a little further in advance and that's okay. I also have help - my cousin is also my nanny, which is nice, so I get to keep it in the family. … Luckily I [also] have a husband who's incredibly involved and who's a great father."