Amanda Seyfried – “While We’re Young” New York premiere

“While We’re Young” New York premiere at the Paris Theater on March 23, 2015 in New York City

Normally I post pictures that, at least in some way, I like.  This time it’s a little different.  When Kaley Cuoco cut off so much of her beautiful, long blond hair a lot of people were shocked.  Many said – and are still saying – “What was she thinking?”   I don’t mind Kaley’s change of hairstyles – then again, she’s one of my top favorites so I may be more forgiving than many.  After all, she still has that incredible figure…

Amanda’s hairstyle choice made me wonder, “What was she thinking?”  I really don’t like it much at all.  She’s a beautiful woman, and I like her.  Yes – everybody has the right to make changes as they go along.

In Amanda’s case, however, the new hairstyle reminds me of a Mohawk cut – and to my mind, that’s not a step forward.  She’s still beautiful but this change in her appearance was really not her finest choice.  In addition, another unfortunate choice is her eye makeup selection.  Is she purposely trying to be dramatic?  Did she go to Bai Ling’s tactical makeup squad and opt for their “Raccoon Chic” line of products?

One last thing – unless she’s purposely trying to cultivate a Victoria Beckham-like air of aloofness, and she’s trying to force you to think “High fashion!” whenever you see her, she has a sort of scowl in many of the photos from this event.  Another possibility is, of course, that she really isn’t happy.  Which is it?  I guess we can all decide for ourselves.

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