Florida Crazies: Drunk Man With Eyebrow Piercing Popped For Repeatedly Punching A HORSE Named “Mr. George II” In The Neck

korey jerelds

Florida Man Arrested For Punching Horse In The Neck

Poor Mr. George.

A 30-year-old man was arrested over the weekend after he attacked an Orlando Police Department horse while officers were trying to break-up a crowd downtown, the agency reported Monday. Officers were trying to control a crowd early Saturday morning on West Central Boulevard at a city parking garage, a report said. Several officers were on bicycles, and one was on a horse, “Mr. George.”

An officer used “Mr. George” to disperse the crowd, and at that point, Korey Jerelds yelled an expletive at the horse and then “took a fighting stance,” according to a report released Monday. Jerelds then balled his right fist and struck “Mr. George” several times on the left side of his neck, the report said.

“Mr. George” was not hurt. Officers arrested Jerelds on a misdemeanor count of striking a police animal. He has since been released from the Orange County Jail.


Orange County Jail

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