Guess That Divorce Is Still On… Kordell Stewart Puts Porsha Out On The Curb And Changes The Locks At The Cribski!!!


Clearly there’s something going on behind those locked doors he doesn’t want her to see. Now do y’all believe Porsha and Kordell’s divorce isn’t a publicity stunt?

Via TMZ reports:

Kordell Stewart REAALLLY doesn’t wanna see his estranged wife Porsha Williams anymore … ’cause the ex-NFL star just changed the locks on the family home to keep her out … this according to Porsha.

The “Real Housewives of ATL” star just filed new docs in her divorce war with Kordell … and it appears the nasty split just got even NASTIER.

According to the docs, filed in family court in Georgia and obtained by TMZ, Porsha claims Kordell has locked her out of their residence on multiple occasions … and she had to have her lawyer beg Kordell’s people for a key.

Sources close to the situation tell us Kordell isn’t playing ball — and hasn’t forked over a key.

But there’s more … according to the docs, Porsha tried to work things out with Kordell in a mediation session, but she claims he blew the whole thing off … and called it a “waste of everyone’s time.”

Porsha wants a judge to force Kordell to either allow her to use the house … or pay her enough cash so she can get a “suitable alternative residence.”

Sources tell us Porsha is currently living with her mom in ATL — guess she feels it’s just not a “suitable residence” for a grown woman.

Calls to Kordell’s people have not been returned.

The irony of that Bravo screen cap tho! SMH. Kordell sounds a little weak if you ask us, but folks are probably questioning whether Porsha was ever really in love with the man. Her attachment to the house makes it seem like more of a love for the lifestyle. Just sayin!

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