Jesus Take The Wheel: Elderly Man Beats Nursing Home Roommate To Death With Wheelchair Leg Rest During Dispute Over Privacy


So sad.

Nursing Home Resident Beats His Roommate To Death

Dayum, he killed that man with a leg rest…folks just don’t give an isht.

According to NY Daily News:

A dispute over a curtain separating their beds exploded into blind rage early Wednesday when a Rockaways nursing home resident beat his elderly roommate to death with a wheelchair leg rest, police said.

Thomas Yarnavick had been squabbling with his doomed roomie over privacy issues since they began sharing the room in July, police sources said.

Yarnavick’s anger finally boiled over around 1 a.m. when they began quarrelling over the curtain, the sources said.

Jailall Singh, the battered 71-year-old, was rushed to St. John’s Hospital, where he died at 2:43 a.m., cops said.

Yarnavick, 67, who sometimes used a wheelchair, was arrested at the scene and charged later with second-degree murder and criminal possession of a weapon — the leg rest.

The suspect and the victim are from Queens.

Other residents at the Ocean Promenade Rehabilitation and Nursing Center said the two men in room 308 didn’t get along.

“Last night I heard screaming voices, but that happens all the time,” said 63-year-old Kamal Musa, who lives across the hall from the once-warring pair.


But Aaron Lichtman, a spokesman for the home, insisted management was not aware the two men had been at odds.

“It’s as if you live in a small, tight-knit town, and you wake up to incredibly tragic news,” he said. “This is like a small town.”

Yarnavick, who was waiting to be arraigned late Wednesday, is no stranger to the legal system. He has a prior arrest on his rap sheet. But it wasn’t immediately clear what he had been arrested for because the case was sealed, sources said.

His sister didn’t want to talk about him.

“I haven’t seen my brother in 20 years,” said Muriel Calame, 69, of Gouldsboro, Pa.

Located on Beach 113th St., the rest home was badly damaged during Hurricane Sandy and some 90 residents were forced to shiver for several days in the sand-filled building before it was evacuated.

They were allowed to return a week later. It was not known whether Yarnavick or his roommate were among the evacuees.

When people don’t get along anything can be the last straw. Unfortunately, this man lost his life over nothing.