Lawsuits: Soulja Boy Sued Over Hit-And-Run Incident Involving His Bentley … Even Though He Wasn’t Driving!


Soulja Boy stays getting in trouble…he might have to give up some of those coins.

Rapper Soulja Boy Sued Over Bentley Crash

Soulja Boy is going down fast. Between his struggle status being put on blast by Superhead and this….homie needs to get it together.

According to Radar Online

Rapper Soulja Boy has been slapped with a major lawsuit, has learned, after one of his friends allegedly crashed his Bentley into a motorcyclist in Los Angeles earlier this year and fled the scene of the accident. Lawyers for the alleged victim, Gabor Turi, filed papers in court on October 14 suing Soulja Boy, his friend, Abrahim Mohammed Mustafa and 100 other yet-to-be-named defendants for negligence and demanding payment for medical expenses and other damages.

The rapper’s friend, Mustafa, was allegedly driving the rapper’s Bentley in L.A. on January 9. “Said vehicle was being driven at an unsafe speed and/or in an unsafe fashion” by Mustafa, the court documents, obtained by, claim. The Bentley “consequently collided with Plaintiff, Gabor Turi … causing Plaintiff to be ejected from his vehicle and to collide with the street.”

Mustafa and the unnamed defendants “failed to stop at the scene as required by law,” the documents claim, and “instead fled from the scene in violation of” felony hit and run laws.

As a result of the collision, Turi allegedly suffered a fractured right shoulder, knee and foot injuries, severe lacerations and other injuries to his genitalia, which required immediate hospitalization and surgery, and may require further surgery.

Even though Soulja Boy was reportedly not in the car, he is named in the suit, the documents allege, because he “knew, or in the exercise of reasonable care should have known” that his friends “were incompetent and/or unfit drivers, and would create an unreasonable risk of danger and property riding on the public streets and highways.”

Turi has not put a number figure on his demand just yet, but he is asking the court for “general damages within limits,” “medical and related expenses, according to proof,” legal costs, and “such other and further relief as the court deems just and proper.”

Turi’s attorney, Larry Nagelberg of the Nagelberg Bernard Law Group, Inc., explains, “It is unfortunate that we live in a time where young, rich celebrities are indulged to such excess that many think they are above the law. Society at large is now struggling with, as some put it, ‘The Bieber Effect,’ and it is crucial that society take a stand, as failure to do so will only lead to more egregious and dangerous behavior, and to more threats against persons or property.”

Soulja needs to take a page out of Justin Bieber’s book and kick his no good friends to the curb. He’s getting slapped with a lawsuit and he wasn’t even in the car.

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