Random Ridiculousness: Widow Forced From Her Home After Discovering Half Is Owned By Another Woman


This is fawked up.

Widow Forced From Home After Discovering Half Is Owned By Another Woman

The poor lady is already a widow and now she is being kicked out her house. Sad.

According to The NY Daily News

A 76-year-old Idaho woman was forced to abandon her newly purchased retirement home after another woman came to her front door claiming to own half of the house.

Unfortunately for Betty Galloway, who purchased the three-bedroom Nampa home in May, this stranger’s claims to the back half — the backyard and porch — have since been substantiated by a previously undisclosed property plot.

“They (the real estate agents) had called Pioneer Title and Pioneer Title said they take no responsibility for it,” Galloway told KTVB of the party responsible for issuing the title to her.

Now, four months later, the widow who sold her old home to move into the property is publicly speaking out “as a last hope” after responsibility for the incredible mistake has gone ignored, her broker told the Daily News.

It was just after Galloway purchased the home through a real estate agent with Gold Star Realty in May that she says Kathy Meyers unexpectedly showed up at her front door.

Meyers allegedly told her that her mother previously owned the entire property before her family took out a loan to do construction on half of it but, unable to pay it, suffered foreclosure.

This all appeared to be news to Galloway, who insists that when she reviewed the home and made its purchase there weren’t any footnotes declaring that it was split exactly down the line.

After all, the home is not a duplex and shows no accommodation for two separate residences.

Gold Star Broker Robin Moffitt confirmed Galloway’s account to the Daily News, saying she saw a copy of the listing agreement herself, “and it definitely said that Betty bought a house.”

Asked if Galloway paid an amount for the home worth the price of a full house — and not just half — she answered, “Oh gosh, yes!”

“I mean it was a big parcel. It was a big parcel of land, but it still was a fair price in the market place,” she said.

A listing online by real estate agent Brent King in May shows it being situated on .14 acres of land while listed for $69,000 after a price reduction.

Galloway and Moffitt say King was the Fannie Mae representative who handled their sale.

When reached by the Daily News King said he was the listing agent of the property but also had no idea at the time of its sale that it was split in two.


Galloway placed an offer on the home on the night of May 14. The following day Fannie Mae accepted her offer and Pioneer Title did, too.

Both women now insist that someone, specifically Pioneer Title, must have known exactly what they were selling her at the time.

King expressed the same.

“In my opinion it’s at the title company’s door,” he said. “They’re the one who has to make sure when a transaction goes through that the person is buying” what they believe to be buying.

A request for comment from Pioneer Title by the Daily News was referred to an attorney who didn’t return a call back for comment.

“Everyone just clams up,” Moffitt said of their lack of participation.

“I’m a really straight arrow and I believe in right and wrong. I’ve been in the business so long, you’ve got to tell the truth,” she chastised those involved. “If you make a mistake you have to own up to it.”

Meanwhile Galloway says she is living with her son in Boise without having anywhere else to go since Meyers doesn’t appear to be relinquishing her half — at least without a cost.

Meyers allegedly told Galloway she’d be willing to sell her half of the home to her and is working to get its price assessed, which the widow says she’ll consider.

The Daily News request for comment from Meyers wasn’t immediately returned.

Galloway says she hopes either she’ll be refunded her money or be allowed to move in, with no hard feelings to the parties involved.

“I’m just praying and waiting to see what happens,” she told KTVB.

Somebody knew what they were doing, but didn’t care as long as they made a quick buck.


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