Margot Robbie at the NY Rangers – Phoenix Coyotes game in NYC – February 26, 2015

Sure this post is a little late – almost a whole month late – but I think it’s worth it.

Margot sure seems to be enjoying herself, cheering, having a good time, and wearing a Henrik Lundqvist jersey as well as any Rangers fan ever could.  Since I first heard of her, I thought, “Wow.  Now there’s a fine-looking woman!”  Maybe, given time, she’ll become one of my top favorites.  Until then, I’ll be happy seeing pictures like this.  I like picture #6 in particular.  The expression on her face – and the swish of her hair – are priceless.

Robbie_Margot_NYRangers_02262015_GC_Celebutopia_001 Robbie_Margot_NYRangers_02262015_GC_Celebutopia_002 Robbie_Margot_NYRangers_02262015_GC_Celebutopia_003 Robbie_Margot_NYRangers_02262015_GC_Celebutopia_004 Robbie_Margot_NYRangers_02262015_GC_Celebutopia_005 Robbie_Margot_NYRangers_02262015_GC_Celebutopia_006 Robbie_Margot_NYRangers_02262015_GC_Celebutopia_007 Robbie_Margot_NYRangers_02262015_GC_Celebutopia_008 Robbie_Margot_NYRangers_02262015_GC_Celebutopia_009