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Nina Agdal Bikini Pictures Are Spectacular

Nina Agdal

Believe it or not, but it’s been almost one full month since my last Nina Agdal post. Don’t worry, nothing’s changed, I’m still Nina’s #1 fan. I’m just trying to show a little self-control and make sure I don’t overdo it and burn you guys out on my current favorite model. I was doing really good for a while there too, but then I came across this latest bikini shoot she did for BonPrix Swimwear and I couldn’t hold out any longer. Somehow, I doubt you guys are going to mind though. Enjoy.

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Nina Agdal Pictures Nina Agdal Pictures Nina Agdal Pictures Nina Agdal Pictures Nina Agdal Pictures
Nina Agdal Pictures Nina Agdal Pictures Nina Agdal Pictures Nina Agdal Pictures Nina Agdal Pictures

Adriana Cernanova Makes A Sexy Return

Adriana Cernanova

You might be wondering where you’ve seen Adriana Cernanova before, so let me help you out. Besides the few bikini posts I’ve done on the Slovakian hottie, she was also the face of Wonderbra a few years back. Normally that wouldn’t be too newsworthy, but apparently they made some app where you could scan ads of Adriana to instantly undress her. I know, I’m not sure why they didn’t get the Nobel Prize for that either. Because to me, that sounds like the biggest technological breakthrough since the invention of the wheel.

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Adriana Cernanova Pictures Adriana Cernanova Pictures Adriana Cernanova Pictures Adriana Cernanova Pictures Adriana Cernanova Pictures
Adriana Cernanova Pictures Adriana Cernanova Pictures Adriana Cernanova Pictures Adriana Cernanova Pictures Adriana Cernanova Pictures

Daily Tuna

-Damn that is one sweet booty
-The Internet’s best selfies
-Whoa, what’d Pamela Anderson do to her hair?
-Paulina Gretzky has a killer bikini body

-Emmanuelle Chriqui looking very hot and leggy
-Julia Baus should be on your radar
-Anastasia Ashley has an epic booty
-Kylie Jenner is still trouble!


Caitlyn Paterson Picture Moment

Caitlyn Paterson Pictures Caitlyn Paterson Pictures Caitlyn Paterson Pictures Caitlyn Paterson Pictures  
Caitlyn Paterson Pictures Caitlyn Paterson Pictures  
Caitlyn Paterson Pictures Caitlyn Paterson Pictures  

True Or False: Is Khloe Kardashian Toting A Gut Full Of French Montana?

Khloe Kardashian and French Montana leave Philippe Chow in Beverly Hills after watching the Laker Game and leave in Khloe's Mercedes April 13

Could Khloe be sporting a gut full of French already?

Khloe May Be Pregnant With French Montana’s Baby

The Kardashians may have to prepare for the newest addition to their family.

According to Hollywood Life:

Could Khloe finally be expecting her first child?

A new report claims that Khloe and French are in love and ready to start making babies together. Yes, already!

According to Life & Style‘s May 5 issue, Khloe’s baby news has her glowing with joy.

“She hasn’t felt this happy in a long time,” a source close to the new couple told the magazine. “Friends keep telling her she deserves this, finally.”

Khloe is also not concerned about the fact that she and French are not married, or that she has yet to finalize her divorce from Lamar.

According to the magazine’s source, “she doesn’t necessarily believe in being married to have a baby. Look at [her sisters] Kourtney and Kim!” reached out to Khloe’s team for comment but have not yet received a response.

Nevermind the fact that French is reportedly still married to his estranged wife while Khloe has yet to finalize her divorce from Lamar….you know, minor details. SMH.

Do you think Khloe is pregnant?


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Won’t You Be My Neighbor? 5 Celebrities We Would Love To Borrow A Cup Of Sugar From


We wish these celebs were our neighbors!

It’s a scientific fact that almost no one likes their neighbors. Ok, maybe it isn’t but for the large majority of us, we are all dealing with a neighbor who ranges somewhere between slight nuisance and the bane of our existence. However, there a couple of Hollywood stars who buck the trend and would probably make for amazing neighbors.

Need a cup of sugar? Need someone to check your mail when your out of town? Hit the flip to check out 5 celebrities who we would love to call our neighbor!

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For Discussion: Civil Rights Group Says RHOA Reunion Brawl Promotes Violent Stereotypes Of Black Women

RHOA threaten to quit if Porsha is fired

Do you agree?

Civil Rights Group Says RHOA Perpetuates Stereotype

Porsha dragging struggle bird Kenya across the stage isn’t a good example for little girls, but are they being unfairly called out?

According to Rolling Out:

When it comes to the hyper dramatic world of reality TV, “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” was one of the few shows able to boast with a nimble thin sense of pride that it didn’t display physical violence between its black female cast mates — though it certainly showed them verbally slicing each other down with assassin like fury. But all of that changed this past weekend during the reunion show when Porsha Williams attacked Kenya Moore after being taunted about her failed marriage. Now, a civil rights group is saying enough is enough and demanding that Bravo crack down on the violence on their reality TV shows.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, ColorOfChange sent a statement to Bravo’s parent company, NBC Universal, criticizing the channel’s reality TV shows for perpetuating the stereotype that Black women are catty, angry and violent.

“After weeks of promoting the “RHOA” reunion altercation, on Sunday, executive producer Andy Cohen finally condemned the violent behavior of cast members — completely ignoring the staged hostile environment that provoked the altercation and the troubling pattern of violent, stereotypical portrayals of Black people across many of Bravo’s Black reality franchises,” reads the statement.

“We’ve been in contact with NBC Universal last week verbally and shared concerns in writing — specifically about this “Real Housewives of Atlanta” confrontation that was coming up,” stated Arisha Hatch, campaign director at ColorOfChange.

ColorOfChange says that it doesn’t want “RHOA” to be canceled, explaining that the show does have some positive portrayals of black women. But the organization does want Bravo to adopt new anti-violence rules for its shows, just like Vh1 did in 2012 when it adopted a no excessive violence rule for “Basketball Wives” after the series endured a serious backlash over violent outbursts from cast members like Tami Roman and Evelyn Lozada.

Should Bravo adopt a new anti-violence policy?

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Jesus Take The Wheel: Elderly Man Fatally Shoots Wife & Then Himself In Murder-Suicide


This is sad.

Elderly Couple Found Dead In Murder-Suicide

It’s always so unfortunate that these couples couldn’t work out whatever issues they had without things turning violent.

According to Boston Globe:

A relative arrived at the yellow home on Dunbar Road to check on the elderly couple who live there early Tuesday and found them dead in an apparent murder-suicide, authorities said.

Elizabeth A. Coyne, 81, and her husband, Donald P. Coyne, 83, suffered injuries “consistent with gunshot wounds,” Norfolk District Attorney Michael W. Morrissey’s office said in a statement.

A .25 caliber Walther pistol that authorities said they believe Donald Coyne owned was found at his side when they were discovered about 7:12 a.m.

David Traub, Morrissey’s spokesman, declined to say how many times either person was shot or where.

He said officials were working to determine what may have touched off a violent altercation between the couple.

“There is no known history of domestic violence,” the statement said.



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Pigs Ain’t Isht: Police Tie Up 75-Year-Old Woman While They Raid Wrong Apartment [Video]

She’s 75…did they really have to tie her up?

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Ivanka Trump: Arabella Is Into Yoga

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 8.31.53 PM

Ivanka Trump opens up on being mom to Arabella, 2 1/2, and Joseph, 6 months, in the May issue of Shape magazine.

According to People she says that Arabella is into yoga stating, “She’ll grab a mat, lay it down next to mine, and show me her poses, You should see her downward dog; it’s so sweet.”

Golfing will be the next activity this summer.

“It will probably end up with her just picking up the golf ball and throwing it down the fairway, but that’s cool. In fact, that’s perfect!”

Talking about keeping in shape – she confesses sometimes she feels guilty.

She shares, “When I was in my 20s, I felt guilty if I didn’t exercise. Now I feel guilty if I do. Even if it’s just an hour, that’s time I could be spending with my family. So rather than beat myself up, I find things that I like to do with them instead.

“I think about my priorities and ensure they’re in check with how I want to live my life. I enjoy my home and my work. Hopefully, over time, my kids will admire me and be okay with the choices I’ve made.”

On Wednesday (April 23) she shared a photo via Instagram of her eldest one playing in the sand. In another snapshot shared on April 17 – she shows off her kids’ cute faces alongside the caption: “juicy babies”.

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Divorces: Seahawks QB Russell Wilson And Wife Call It Quits After 2 Years Of Swirly Matrimonydom


Their swirly love just wasn’t enough.

Russell Wilson Files For Divorce After 2 Years Of Marriage

They are divorcing after just 2 years? Cold world….

According to TMZ:

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson is filing for divorce from his wife Ashton … after 2 years of marriage — and less than 3 months after earning his first Super Bowl victory.

Wilson just made the announcement, saying … “I have made the difficult decision to file for divorce. Clearly, decisions like these don’t come easy.”

Russell and Ashton have known each other since high school in Virginia — and they started dating during their college years.

They got married in January, 2012 … just a few months before Russell was drafted by the Seahawks.

The couple was known to do charity work together often visiting children’s hospitals during his Super Bowl winning season.

russell wilson

Hopefully these charity efforts will continue despite their decision to separate. Meanwhile, sounds like Russell is going back on the market…

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Olivia Wilde & Jason Sudeikis Welcome First Child: Otis Alexander

The 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Congratulations are in order for Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis.

The Her actress, 30, and the SNL alum, 38, welcomed their first child – son Otis Alexander – the proud new mom announced via Twitter Wednesday (April 23).

“Ladies and gentlemen, Otis Alexander Sudeikis has LEFT the building! (I’m the building),” the actress wrote, sharing a photo of herself cuddling her newborn.

The Drinking Buddies star currently covers Lucky and opens up about embracing her baby bump.

“I just thought, ‘Oh, I’m going to hide this forever.’ But I ended up getting kind of excited to show the bump as a badge of pride,” she said. “Like, ‘I’m a woman! Look at me making a human! I am a goddess!’”

The new parents were engaged in January 2013, and announced that they were expecting last October.


Don’t Just Stand There, Bust A Move: Famous Folks Who Started Off As Dancers

Michael k

These famous folks broke it down like crippled clowns on stage and as choreographers.

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When It Rains It Pours: Chris Breezy To Remain In The Slammer Until June


Chris can’t catch a break.

Chris Brown To Remain In Jail Until June

Team Breezy needs to campaign for Breezy’s seat on “Fix My Life.”

According to TMZ:

Chris Brown will rot behind bars until June — at the very least — because the singer’s latest bid for freedom was just DENIED.

Brown — who was jailed last month after getting booted from rehab — was flown to D.C. and promptly jailed as he awaited trial in his assault case.

The trial was supposed to start today … but it was just postponed until June.

Brown asked the judge in the Rihanna beating case to release him, but the judge just shut him down.

Translation: Brown will soon be flown back to L.A. — where he’ll remain in jail until June … at the very least. It looks like he’ll be flown back to D.C. on Con air.

The stakes are high … if Brown is convicted in D.C. … the judge in the Rihanna case could violate his probation and sentence Brown to four years in PRISON.

Hopefully, Chris will reflect on his wrongdoing while locked up and want to do better.

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Seen On The Scene: Future Turns Up With Tiny & 2 Chainz For Album Release Party At Vanquish [Photos]

future and tiny

Tiny and 2 Chainz flicked it up and popped bottles with Future at his “Honest” album release party at Vanquish lounge.

Check out the pics below.

future and tiny 2 chainz tiny future future 2 future 3 audience tiny and bff bottle
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Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis Announce the Birth of Their Baby with a Hilarious Tweet

We'd never expect anything less from this adorable couple. Welcome to the world, baby Otis!

It Turns Out There Are SO MANY Easter Eggs Hidden in ‘Frozen’!

One very sharp-eyed fan has documented them all in a 109-picture slideshow.

Instagram: Indie Fashion & Jewelry Designers To Follow


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Victoria Beckham & Kids: Leaving L.A.

*EXCLUSIVE* Victoria Beckham and her kids make their way through the LAX  **USA ONLY** **NO WEB UNTIL 6PM EST / 3PM PST 04/23/14**

Posh mama Victoria Beckham was photographed with all four of her children – sons Brooklyn, 15, Romeo, 11, Cruz, 9, and 2-year-old daughter Harper – at Los Angeles International Airport on Wednesday (April 23).

Looking every bit the doting big brother, Brooklyn toted his baby sister as the famous family make their way through the busy terminal.

Their departing flight comes a few days after the former Spice Girl turned 40. The singer-turned-fashion-designer enjoyed her milestone birthday in Los Angeles, and shared several tweets from sunny California.


View Slideshow »» *EXCLUSIVE* Victoria Beckham and her kids make their way through the LAX  **USA ONLY** **NO WEB UNTIL 6PM EST / 3PM PST 04/23/14** *EXCLUSIVE* Victoria Beckham and her kids make their way through the LAX  **USA ONLY** **NO WEB UNTIL 6PM EST / 3PM PST 04/23/14** *EXCLUSIVE* Victoria Beckham and her kids make their way through the LAX  **USA ONLY** **NO WEB UNTIL 6PM EST / 3PM PST 04/23/14**

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Actors Who’ve Played Multiple Roles in the Same Show

Twins and clones and doppelgängers, oh my! Meet the hardest working actors on television.

Get It, Girl: Which Vixen Tried To Twerk Through All The Slander She’s Been Getting?

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 4.07.06 PM

Kaylin Garcia Puts Out Twerk Video

Kaylin Garcia had a rough week last week by promoting Wake Up Now, but she’s not addressing the haters. She’s doing what any self-respecting person would do in the face of slander: she’s twerking. Hit the flip for the Vine and other pics of Kaylin in all her glory.

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Seen On The Scene: #CRWN A Conversation With Elliott Wilson X Future At Plaza Theatre In ATL [Photos]


Elliott Wilson hosted his CRWN conversation series with rapper Future Tuesday night at Atlanta’s Plaza Theater.

BOSSIP was in the building for the hour long discussion between the RapRadar founder and the ATL rapper. While Future opened up more than he has in the past we’re interested to see how things will play out when the final conversation is released to the rest of the world because Future spoke in detail about his role in writing “Good Morning”/”Drunk In Love” and made some controversial statements about how he doesn’t listen to Jay Z or other rappers for the most part, he also made a claim that he’s laid the blueprint with his “distinctive melodies” for other artists/producers to find success using his style. Humble as ever, riiiight?


He also shed some light on what makes his relationship with Ciara work so well and revealed how his relationship to the Dungeon Family will continue to color his approach to music. We’re looking forward to the rest of fans getting to hear what we experienced live.

Future’s new album Honest is in stores and on iTunes now.

Enjoy lots of photos below of Future, his kids and family, Elliott Wilson, frequent collaborator Mike Will Made It, upstart rap collective Two-9, Treesounds Studio owner Mali Hunter and more!

PAW_7271 PAW_9240 PAW_9237 PAW_9239 PAW_9228 PAW_9140 PAW_9213 PAW_9115 PAW_9077 PAW_9074 PAW_9101 PAW_9086 PAW_9036 PAW_9018 PAW_8976 PAW_8848 PAW_8837 PAW_8842 PAW_8794 PAW_8633 PAW_8597 PAW_8624 PAW_8533 PAW_8516 PAW_8509 PAW_8503 PAW_7988 PAW_7964 PAW_7939 PAW_7431 PAW_7706 PAW_7757 PAW_7653 PAW_7601 PAW_7447 PAW_7617 PAW_7580 PAW_7339 PAW_7294 PAW_7270 PAW_7268 PAW_7243 PAW_7240 PAW_7218 PAW_7180 PAW_7156 PAW_7147 PAW_7103 PAW_7091 PAW_7084 PAW_6993 PAW_6907 PAW_6852 PAW_6819 PAW_6798 PAW_6782

Photo Credit: Prince Williams/

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Holly Hagan Nuts Photoshoot

Holly Hagan Nuts Photoshoot.

Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_250414_01 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_250414_02 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_250414_03 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_250414_05 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_250414_06 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_250414_07 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_250414_08 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_250414_09 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_250414_10 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_Tablet_250414_01 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_Tablet_250414_02 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_Tablet_250414_03 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_Tablet_250414_05 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_Tablet_250414_06 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_Tablet_250414_07 Holly_Hagan_NutsUK_Tablet_250414_08 GzeMtYfvLQo

Surprisingly Celebrity Splits

Cuba Gooding Jr. and his high school sweetheart just called it quits. More shocking splits ahead.

Would You Shop Katy Perry’s Claire’s Accessories Collection?

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Sarah Dumont Maxim USA (May 2014)

Sarah Dumont Maxim USA (May 2014).

Sarah_Dumont_Maxim_USA_0514_01 Sarah_Dumont_Maxim_USA_0514_03 Sarah_Dumont_Maxim_USA_0514_04 o3WChXsRqMU

Daisy Watts-”Britain’s Best Bums”-ZOO Magazine

Daisy Watts-“Britain’s Best Bums”-ZOO Magazine.

dw 001 dw 002 dw 003 dw 004 dw 005 dw 006 dw 007 dw 008 dw 009 dw 010 dw 011 dw 012 dw 013 dw 014 dw 015 dw 016 dw 017 dw 018 dw 019 ncFu6dnV6Dw

Neymar Drops New Commercial, But Brazil Erupts In “F**k The World Cup” Riots! [Video]

The streets of Rio burnt with fires following after violent protests erupted on the streets of Copacabana and Ipanema, Wednesday. The unrest broke in the Pavao Pavaozinho favela after residents found the dead body of Douglas Rafael da Silva, a dancer from the television show “Esquenta.”

One person was reportedly shot dead as crowds accused military police of the death of da Silva. The Police Pacification Unit, known as UPP, denies the accusation.
The Sa Freire Tunnel underneath the area was closed for several hours due to fires and destruction. Fire services were out in great numbers to extinguish the fires that had been lit all around the neighbourhood. A large police presence remains on the streets.

Rio de Janeiro (AFP) – One person is shot and killed as violent protests erupt in Rio’s famed Copacabana beach district following the death of a dancer allegedly at the hands of police, less than two months before the World Cup. Duration: 00:41

Turn the page for the new Neymar commercial…

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‘Peeps’ vs. ‘It’s a Small World’ — Which Ridiculous New Film Should You See?

Brace yourselves.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus GQ magazine (May 2014)

Julia Louis-Dreyfus GQ magazine (May 2014).

48206_jld2_123_164lo 48206_jld3_123_547lo 48212_jld1_123_474lo TfEBjHOaSIQ

Distraught Mom Watches Graphic Footage Of Her Special Education Son-Student Being Beaten On Camera! [Video]


A teacher says Georgia school officials wouldn’t believe her when she told them she saw teacher’s aides beating up special education students at one suburban Atlanta school. So recently, she set up a hidden camera in the classroom — and what she caught was enough for one aide to be arrested on child cruelty charges. But the mother of the boy seen getting beaten on the tape wants the other aide seen in the footage to go to jail too. For more information please visit…

HLN youtube

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Verse Simmonds Hosts Sincerely XO Listening Session In Atlanta

Verse and SXO press play

Are you feeling this new group? On Monday night Sincerely XO, a new Atlanta based girl group, previewed their new music including their remix to Chris Brown’s “Loyal,” at DJ Drama’s Means Street Studios. Take a listen here:

Means Street Studios

Guests at SXO Listening Session

Verse Simmonds was on hand to host the night’s festivities and press play on the music that he’s been creating with these budding stars. Group members Vii (Pronounced Vee), Jaz and JLa (Jay-La) were supported by fellow artist Jacob Latimore and DJ Trauma, who’s recently been on tour with Dave Chapelle. Guests enjoyed complimentary cocktails and light bites through out the evening.

Sincerely XO

Looks like a great beginning for these talented and beautiful songstresses! They can be found on Instagram at @ItsXO, @ItsXOJaz, @ItsXOVii and @ItsXOJLa and Twitter using the same handles. Check out more pics from the listening below:

Verse and SXO press play Brooke from Streetz 94 DJ Trauma Guests at SXO Listening Session Means Street Studios Sincerely XO SXO with Verse Simmonds

Photos: Prince Williams/

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Cassie Cardelle Will Blow Your Mind

Cassie Cardelle

Just when I thought I knew every no-name hottie out there, here’s one named Cassie Cardelle with a sexy lingerie shoot for Rukus Magazine. Now according to my research, Cassie is a wannabe pop star or something. In which case, she should totally get in touch with me. Not because I can help her career or have contacts in the music business anything, but because I’d really enjoy seeing this killer body of hers in person. So how about it? Call me?

Cassie Cardelle Pictures Cassie Cardelle Pictures Cassie Cardelle Pictures Cassie Cardelle Pictures Cassie Cardelle Pictures
Cassie Cardelle Pictures Cassie Cardelle Pictures Cassie Cardelle Pictures

Ryan Gosling Words to Live By

Allow Ryan Gosling teach you about the world through movie lines.

Taylor Swift Is Ready for Shorts Season


Stars Who Have Gone Bankrupt

Find out which *Meet the Parents* star just joined the club.

Mark Ruffalo Got In Trouble for Tweeting Some ‘Avengers 2′ Set Pics

He had to (sort of) apologize to Marvel via Twitter. Check out the pics inside.

Marcia Cross & Her Brentwood Beauty

Marcia Cross and Eden get some shopping done before Easter Sunday

Marcia Cross and her daughter Eden, 7, went shopping together at the Brentwood Country Mart in Brentwood, Calif. on Sunday (April 19). Twin sister Savannah wasn’t with them.

The actress also posted a photo via Twitter of one of her daughters in a bunny outfit on Easter Sunday.

Cross will be returning to television in the Fox comedy pilot Fatrick.

The former Desperate Housewives star will play Arlene – the mother of a 30-something moving man and former fat kid named Patrick.

Her character is described as “a fit, energetic nutritionist, she is rigid and intense when it comes to her family’s eating habits.”

View Slideshow »» Marcia Cross and Eden get some shopping done before Easter Sunday Marcia Cross and Eden get some shopping done before Easter Sunday Marcia Cross and Eden get some shopping done before Easter Sunday Marcia Cross and Eden get some shopping done before Easter Sunday Blq5eA8CIAAUefS

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What the Stars Are Doing Today on Instagram

See how the celebs spend their downtime.

Definitive Proof Drake Is a Neat Freak

A clean and organized Drake is a happy Drake.