Lacey Chabert – Black & Red Ball celebrating the final seven episodes of “Mad Men”

AMC celebration of the final 7 episodes of ‘Mad Men’ with The Black & Red Ball at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion in Los Angeles, California on March 25, 2015.

Whomever is responsible for Lacey being at this event, thank you!  I don’t ever remember seeing her look quite like this.  I don’t just mean a sexy dress, because she’s certainly worn sexy outfits at many public appearances.  She looks somehow more elegant, more elegant than I can remember.  I’m not saying she’s not classy, because I’ve never thought she was lacking in class.  No, rather, I mean that her overall look – the hair, the black dress sexy yet not outrageous, and the lipstick… Wait – that’s it – maybe it’s the lipstick.

Yes, that may be it.  She looks glamorous in a way I don’t think I’ve seen her before.  I love this look!  Ok, I admit it – I’d probably like just about anything she wore.  Such as, let’s say, a green bikini, a yellow bikini, a blue bikini, or red lingerie, or black lingerie…

Chabert_Lacey_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_003 Chabert_Lacey_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_012 Chabert_Lacey_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_015 Chabert_Lacey_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_016 Chabert_Lacey_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_021 Chabert_Lacey_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_023 Chabert_Lacey_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_039 Chabert_Lacey_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_040