Alessandra Ambrosio – Simply Stylist Los Angeles Conference

Simply Stylist Los Angeles Conference at The Grove in Los Angeles, California on March 28, 2015.

If there’s such a thing as a “little white dress” – a counterpart to the proverbial “little black Dress” – surely Alessandra’s dress, shown here, would be a tremendous example.  Sexy, elegant – did I mention sexy?  Yeah?  I suppose that goes without saying.  That’s understandable, isn’t it?  Alessandra has that kind of effect on me.  And a whole lot of other folks, too!

Ambrosio_Alessandra_SimplyStylist_03282015_GC_Celebutopia_005 Ambrosio_Alessandra_SimplyStylist_03282015_GC_Celebutopia_006 Ambrosio_Alessandra_SimplyStylist_03282015_GC_Celebutopia_007 Ambrosio_Alessandra_SimplyStylist_03282015_GC_Celebutopia_012 Ambrosio_Alessandra_SimplyStylist_03282015_GC_Celebutopia_014 Ambrosio_Alessandra_SimplyStylist_03282015_GC_Celebutopia_015 Ambrosio_Alessandra_SimplyStylist_03282015_GC_Celebutopia_023Ambrosio_Alessandra_SimplyStylist_03282015_GC_Celebutopia_002