Ava Sambora out and about in Calabasas

March 25, 2015

Talk about genetically gifted!  Ava has obviously inherited her mama’s (Heather Locklear – yay!) legs.  Let’s face it, she’s inherited all of her mama’s physical blessings – and that includes being a stunning beauty.  She’s already done runway modeling and been in a movie (This is 40, with Paul Rudd, Leslie Mann, Jason Siegel and Megan Fox.)

From where I stand, she has the world at her feet.  It remains to be seen what kind of influences and advice she receives, bot I sure am keeping my fingers crossed.  I have to keep reminding myself she’s only 17 years old.  It doesn’t seem possible.

Sambora_Ava_Calabasas_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_005 Sambora_Ava_Calabasas_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_012 Sambora_Ava_Calabasas_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_015 Sambora_Ava_Calabasas_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_032Sambora_Ava_Calabasas_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_026 Sambora_Ava_Calabasas_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_020 Sambora_Ava_Calabasas_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_006 Sambora_Ava_Calabasas_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_002