Beth Behrs – Black & Red Ball for the final seven episodes of “Mad Men”

“Mad Men” Black & Red Ball at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on March 25, 2015 in Los Angeles, California

On any given day, I can’t make up my mind about Beth.  I don’t have any particular reason to say anything negative about her.  She seems like a nice enough person.  I want to like her – but day in and day out, she doesn’t make me wild.  I’m no fan of “Two Broke Girls” because from the start, I found it crude; this outweighed any entertainment value for me.  The unabated crudeness theme almost completely overran any possible amusement value the show’s writers might have brewed.

Ok, enough hemming and hawing.  Here are the pictures.

Behrs_Beth_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_001 Behrs_Beth_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_003 Behrs_Beth_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_006 Behrs_Beth_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_007 Behrs_Beth_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_009 Behrs_Beth_BlackRedBall_03252015_GC_Celebutopia_012