Orlando Bloom: I Won’t Spend More Than Three Weeks From Flynn

Orlando Bloom Takes Son Flynn To Central Park

Orlando Bloom can’t be away from his adorable son Flynn. He told InStyle, “I won’t spend more than two or three weeks away from him.”

The 36-year-old actor also adds that Miranda Kerr “doesn’t spend more than a week” away from their 2-year-old.

Asked about how they manage their work schedules – Bloom explained, “She flies somewhere for work, I take care of Flynn. I go off to work, she takes care of Flynn. Or, you know, we’re together, and we just make it work. We’re not conventional in any way, shape or form.”

He continued, “Flynn is not in school yet, so we’re still pretty loosey-goosey. We’re a bit of a traveling circus.”

The family are living in New York City while he stars in the Broadway version of Romeo and Juliet.