Cissy Houston Worried About Bobbi Kristina

Wait…did we say worried about Bobbi Kristina? We meant that multi-million dollar inheritance Bobbi Kristina is set to receive. Cissy Houston claims she is trying to withhold the money from Bobbi because she is afraid that she’ll spend it all on drugs and is scared it would eventually lead to a death similar to her mom’s.

Cissy is also concerned with the company Bobbi is surrounding herself with. She doesn’t like her boyfriend (Nick Gordon) and she can’t stand her father Bobby, who she says will suck all the money he can from Bobbi Kristina. She also feels that Bobbi is far too young and impressionable at the young age of 19, and she doesn’t think it would be wise for a 19-year-old with drug problems to have millions in her bank account.

Sources say that Cissy has no problem with Bobbi getting the money; she just wants her to wait a few years before she does.

Of course, Cissy claims she is just looking out for Bobbi and is disgusted by people saying she is just trying to get all the money to herself. Cissy and Pat Houston are so “concerned” about the situation that they filed a request this week to change Whitney’s will, in an attempt to change the distribution schedule of the inheritance.

So, what do you all think? Is Cissy doing this for all the right or wrong reasons? Can Bobbi really trust anybody anymore? Or is everyone just after her money? The 19-year-old is in a very difficult spot at the moment. bobbi ciss